Case Studies


Infringing Site:

Client: Multiple

Industry: eLearning & Info Products

Challenge: Website hosted offshore

Solution: Leverage investigatory discoveries to convince the site owner to removed infringements.

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Have a short introduction and table of contents linking case studies to particular industries.

We deal with reseller sites all the time and some are more difficult than others.

As is so often the case with pirate resellers in the eLearning and info product industry,

Sleuthing required.

IP address honey trap.

We don’t like taking down the whole site even if it is reselling multiple products belonging to our clients. This is part of our strategic response to piracy and goes to the issue of containment.

He set up a second domain ( but we got that removed and haven’t heard from him since. Most pirates are lazy. Not all as there are guys out there who make a living out of this. However, if you put enough road blocks in the way, many of them roll over.

Follow example or make shorter?:

What was that good case study – adobe. Find it.

“A DMCA Takedown Service That Actually Works. You Actually Get Stuff Taken down.”

– Ray Higdon, Forever Wealth Club