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Our Approach

  • Wherever the infringement, no matter the size of the problem we’ve got you covered.

  • We have the systems & technology in place to make it all but impossible for people to download for free or buy your products at a discount.

  • Our protection plans are designed to pay for themselves. Typically, just a single extra sale more than covers the cost.

  • Our services are fully managed. Relax. We'll take it from here.

Why A Dedicated Program?

Info product piracy is a cottage industry. Often the same sites are ripping off dozens of our clients' products.

These sites are usually hosted offshore and don't comply with takedown requests.

While other agencies try and fail to get these links removed, we adopt a different approach and leverage the power of our client base to get the type of results you are looking for.

We invest the time and resources required to investigate and uncover points of weakness on the site or where the site owner has left himself exposed. We then use these as an incentive to get our client's material removed directly from the site.

Our success rate speaks for itself. Check out our case studies for more information.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Brian Dean -

How Much Business Is Piracy Costing You?

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Core Features

In addition to our basic service offering.

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You're not just churning out cookie cutter courses. You've worked hard to create a quality product and have invested countless hours cultivating your online brand. We protect that sweat equity, stop sales leakage and ensure that the only place your courses are available is your sales page.

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We don't just scrape and blast. We're more diligent than that and always act with your best interests at heart. Sometimes it even makes sense to leave some infringements live. We have systems and a team in place to make these kinds of judgements.

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Transparency and accountability are central to our core values. Detailed reports mean you can monitor progress and our forthcoming client dashboard will allow you to among other things track takedowns in real time and get traffic stats on the links we remove.

But That's Not All...

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Sites which resell your courses at a discount force you to become your own competitor and profit off the back of it. We get these listings removed at source.

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Free download links which rank high for your "money keywords" distract buyers from making a purchase. We remove these distractions.

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Niche based forums often attract more traffic than major news outlets. These are people actively searching for your course. We redirect them to your sales page.

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If your course is geared towards a non-English market we’ve got you covered. Our team members are fluent in Spanish, French, Japanese as well as many other languages.

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Rolling out a new course? Ask about our launch guard service to secure your product during the all important launch window.

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We employ proprietary tactics to prevent multiple people buying a single unit and sharing it among themselves.

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Quick and easy trademark registration provides the ultimate safeguard against people trying to profit off the back of your success.

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If you are suffering from bad reviews or someone has defamed you online, we can wipe out the lies.

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Results Are What Matter

There is a reason why we're the #1 choice for marketers & course creators: We are relentless, ROI focused and results driven.

You only need to read a couple of our case studies to see we are the real deal. These include:

- How we uncovered the identity of one of the most proliferate eLearning pirate resellers and used this as leverage to get him to remove our client's product listings.

- How we dealt with the USA hosted website which doesn't comply with DMCA takedown requests and gets away with it.

- How we got a Vietnamese hosted website to remove our client's New York Times best selling book when local copyright legislation ruled there was no infringement.

"People Who Pirate Aren't Buyers."

Think Again.


I've been a client with the Takedown Czar for several months now and have been very happy with their results, their monthly report, and their customer service.

Each month they get stolen product downloads and links sharing my courses removed. Best of all for me, it's hand-free and I don't have to deal with it or even think about it anymore.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

You runs one helluva tight ship that attacks the pirates, thieves, and copyright infringers in all the places they like to pillage and plunder your intellectual property. Your support is all A ++.

One of the best business investments I ever made.

Ben Settle
Ben Settle

What's the one thing I most like about your service? That is actually works! You actually get stuff taken down.

I can't stand that some people make money from others intellectual property. I also can't stand that some people feel it is OK to buy from pirated sites. Your service has given me a peace of mind that I don't have to worry anymore.

I tried another takedown service but after 14 days they were unsuccessful in getting the content removed.

I then researched this a bit more and noticed that there were two take down companies that were most frequently used by other information marketers: you and one other company. I reached out to both.

You were more responsive, more professional and you actually offered to REMOVE the page (not just the search terms).

You removed the content from 7 sites within 5 days. Absolutely incredible! I now feel like I have some kind of control of the digital piracy that's going on.

Michael Blank
Michael Blank

Once I had a prospect email to say he had decided to purchase a pirated version of my product because it was too cheap to pass up.  I know he was not the only one.

In addition to hard costs for sales lost, there's another cost incurred from prospects who get a spammy feeling about the brand when they see all of this junk out there.

Until I found you, I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop it. Now I don't have to do anything.

The Takedown Czar team takes care of it. They allow me to put this issue out of my mind, so it's one less nagging thing that I have to concern myself with.

Josh Turner
Josh Turner